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Lopez & Lopez, REALTORS®, formally known as Lopez Newton, REALTORS®, was created in March 2015 by Tyler Lopez and Tana (Newton) Lopez. The pair decided to build the company slowly, creating a foundation that team members could structure themselves around to be able to persevere through the cyclic nature of real estate investing and sales. Since then, Tyler & Tana Lopez have become part of the Top 3% of Real Estate Agents in the United States and #1 in sales volume for Long Realty Company in the Tucson area.

Their expert knowledge of the local market will provide you and your family with the peace of mind that you are in the right hands. The team is known for "providing you with everything you didn't know you needed." Their focus is to help clients create personal wealth through real estate to produce for themselves financial freedom and stability.

Tyler joined Long Realty in 2011 and has proven himself to be an asset to the Real Estate Community. As one of Arizona's Top 10 Selling Agents, he finds time to mentor, invest and coach. During his time with Long Realty, he has received many awards, including the most coveted 1926 Circle of Excellence - Platinum Level (20+ million dollars in gross sales) as well joining in 2020 as a Member of Long Realty Company's Vice President Executive Council. These members have 5 years or more in the 1926 Circle of Excellence. This distinguished group meets with the CEO for the purpose of counseling and advising on a range of issues that affect the company each year. Tyler Lopez, a third-generation REALTOR®, is also a native Tucsonan and University of Arizona Alumni.

Tana Lopez also attended the University of Arizona and joined Long Realty in 2005. She became one of Arizona’s youngest Associate Brokers in 2009, with now over a thousand homes sold over her career. As co- founder of Lopez & Lopez, REALTORS®, she now serves as the team's Associate Broker. Outside of Real Estate, Tana's other passion is philanthropy. She joined Angel Charity for Children Inc. in 2018 and currently serving on the Board of Directors for the group. The foundation raises over a million dollars a year for local charities in the Tucson area focusing on Tucson's youth. Tyler and Tana married May 5, 2021 and raise their daughter, Belle Newton, along with four adopted pets.

Tyler along with his partner, Tana, have over 30 years of experience and dedication to the Tucson and surrounding market areas. Lopez & Lopez, REALTORS® has grown over the years with the great additions of Oden D. Raine, Jeff Morris, Joel Pielemeier, Kristian Duran, Ryan Clarke and Greg Amado. Each team member is distinguished in their own way with backgrounds in military, banking, sales, hotel industry and customer service.

"They are making their mark on the Tucson Real Estate Market. Their success comes from having a highly motivated and dedicated team. The fact that they constantly educate themselves ensures they are at the forefront of what is happening in the market." - George Palmer, Long Realty Associate Broker

"When working with Lopez & Lopez, REALTORS®, you are working with Real Estate Agents that have years of experience in various areas of the Tucson market. This knowledge allows them to make sure they have a strategy that is tailored to your real estate needs." - Andrea Alvarez, Fidelity National Title

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